Awarded Baguette and the Draco Team of the Prize Giving Ceremony at Renault. And immediately the beginning of the first collective test for the 2010 season

The traditional Renault's Prize Giving Ceremony at the end of the championship was held Sunday evening on the first floor of the Motorland Circuit, in central Spain, where until a few hours before the cars were speeding on track to finish the last race of 2009. In the room all teams of the 3 championships of the Circus and, in the first table in front of the stage, the Draco team, champion of the season, with his driver Bertrand Baguette, star of the evening. During the gala dinner, Baguette was called on stage to receive the coveted prize, accompanied by Team Manager Nadia Morini, who has withdrawn the award for the team. A deserved celebration for the whole team and the phenomenon Belgian who will be also celebrated in his homeland where he will be officially decreed by the government "Sportsman of the Year."

But it is already time to think about next season. Tuesday 27 are in fact immediately began the collective test for the new drivers 2010. On track the first day 24 drivers divided into 12 teams. In the first round of the morning, Federico Leo and Daniel Mancinelli have turned with Draco.

Federico Leo has played the 2009 season in the World Series by Renault with Pons team, finishing 21st and 2nd among rookies. On track he has covered 27 laps in the morning and 36 in the afternoon, with a fast time of 1:44.317. The driver from Milan has also won the top position with a record time but this result was not accepted because outside the limit.

Daniel Mancinelli comes from Formula Renault 2.0 Italy where this year he has been the champion with the team One Racing 2 races before the end of the championship. The driver of Marches has completed 27 laps knowing to the car and the not easy circuit with a fast time of 1:45.765. He is scheduled for another round of tests today to work on the rhythm on track and on the telemetry to the pits.

In the afternoon session, with Leo, turned Adrian Campos, 5th in the league F.3 European Open. The twenty-one Spanish used the time to get to know the Renault 3.5 car recording 1:47.216.

This morning, the tests have been temporarily postponed for too much fog on the track. The sessions are already planned until Thursday evening.

-credit: dr