Barcelona, group test: Draco Multiracing USA made a good teamwork

23rd - 24th February 2005, WSFR group test
Circuit: Catalunya, Barcelona
Length: 4627 m

Draco Multiracing USA have completed its work in Barcellona, where it have tested for two days with the Dallara Nissan FRV6 cars. There were on track with Draco three drivers: the German Markus Winkelhock (best lap: 1'29.256), the S.Marino's Christian Montanari (best lap:1'29.472) and the New Zealander Jonny Reid (best lap: 1'30.476). Now the Touscan team is waiting the new car, with which it'll test the next month in Le Mans.

Sig. Adriano Morini - Draco Team Owner -: "We are very pleased with the work that we made in Barcelona. Winkelhock is demonstrating what we expected from him, he's improving lap after lap, a most satisfactory result. We are very impressed by Montanari too, as it was the first time that he drove in this circuit. At the moment, we long to have the new car, with which we'll test in Le Mans."

Markus Winkelhock: "I'm quite satisfied, you know, the DTM is really different, but I'm learning the car and also the circuit. I think I found a good feeling with this single-seater. The Team is fantastic, they help me and they give me invaluable advice. In Barcelona I carried out some good laps, but I can improve, of course."

Christian Montanari: "I'm very happy because I have never run in Barcelona before, but I set good laps. In the first day I made few laps with used tyres, but I put-in the 5th best lap time of the day, while yesterday I used a new set of tyres making a fair performance, but I can improve. I feel at ease with the Draco Team, we have worked well together. I have to thank everybody, Mr.Adriano Morini, the engineers and the mechanics. They are serious professionals, I can learn a lot working with them, I hope to repeat this experience."

<pre> DAY TWO-Best timed laps: 1 Felix PORTEIRO (SPA) Epsilon Euskadi 1'28.901 2 Simon PAGENAUD ( FRA) Saulnier Racing 1'28.965 3 Eric SALIGNON (FRA) Cram Competition 1'29.114 4 Celso MIGUEZ (SPA) Pons Racing 1'29.243 5 Markus WINKELHOCK (GER) Draco Multiracing Usa 1'29.256 6 Giovanni TEDESCHI (ITA) RC Motorsport 1'29.306 7 Andy ZUBER (AST) Carlin Motorsport 1'29.430 8 Patrick PILET (FRA) Jenzer Motorsport 1'29.453 9 Christian MONTANARI (RSM) Draco Multiracing Usa 1'29.472 10 Raffaele GIAMMARIA (ITA) GD Racing 1'29.731 11 Charles ZWOLSMAN (BEL) KTR 1'30.035 12 Stefano PROETTO (GER) Interwetten 1'30.040 13 Giorgio MONDINI (ITA) Eurointernational 1'30.050 14 Colin FLEMING (USA) Jenzer Motorsport 1'30.277 15 Johnny Reid (NZL) Draco Multiracing USA 1'30.476 16 Ivan BELLAROSA (ITA) Avelon Formula 1'32.558 17 Ryo FUKUDA (JPN) Saulnier Racing 1'32.703

DAY ONE Best timed laps: 1 Will POWER Carlin Motorsport 1'28.774 2 Robert KUBICA Epsilon Euskadi 1'29.253 3 Adrian VALLES Pons Racing 1'29.254 4 Simon PAGENAUD Saulnier Racing 1'29.625 5 Christian MONTANARI Draco Multiracing Usa 1'29.757 6 Jaap VAN LAGEN KTR 1'30.056 7 Damien PASINI Cram Competition 1'30.151 8 Markus WINKELHOCK Draco Multiracing Usa 1'30.340 9 Colin FLEMING Jenzer Motorsport 1'30.894 10 Raffaele GIAMMARIA GD Racing 1'30.996 11 Eric SALIGNON Cram Competition 1'31.236 12 Stefano PROETTO Interwetten 1'31.535 13 Patrick PILET Jenzer Motorsport 1'31.656 14 Partiva SURESHWAREN RC Motorsport 1'31.926 15 Pastor MALDONADO Dams 1'31.965 16 Matteo MENEGHELLO Eurointernational 1'32.500 17 Alx DANIELSSON Dams 1'32.937 18 Ryo FUKUDA Saulnier Racing 1'33.692 19 Ivan BELLAROSA Avelon Formula 1'33.734