Draco presents Markus Winkelhock

Draco J.Team has signed Markus Winkelhock for the World Series FR3.5. They both are pleased with the agreement : now it's high time to start the training for the next season with the new cars FR3.5.

The German Markus Winkelhock is a driver of proven experience: 24-years- old, he steps up from Formula Renault and F3, but in the last season, he took part in the DTM with Mercedes works car. Now he faces this new challenge: coming back at the steering wheel of a single-seater to aim with Draco the world title.

Adriano Morini, Team Owner: "I chose Markus because he has years of experience and big results behind him. The level of competition for the coming season is expected to be very high, so I think this is the best choice to make a good job."

Nadia Morini, Team Manager: "I confirm what Adriano said. As for me, I think we'll make a good work together from every point of view. Now we'll move to Le Castellet and Barcellona, so that Markus gets used with our working method, in view of the next common tests with the new cars."

Doc. Manfredi Ravetto: "During the last months we have worked hard and with secrecy at this project, as the importance of this driver, who refused other ambitious proposals to race with our Team. Now it's all definite. So, we have to take another step: working for the results."