Dallara has completed his new project - the world's fastest 2-liter single-seater.

Barcelona, 20th December 2003 - Dallara Automobili, S.r.l. will start to produce its last creation in January 2003: a new 2-liter single-seater, named Dallara Light 01, which will replace the old Coloni Nissan CN1/C.

This new single-seater has been designed at the request and upon the concepts given by the Spanish-based company RPM Racing, as a result of the evolution of the World Series in the frame of its three categories: Dallara Nissan V6, Dallara Light 2000 and Formula Junior 1600.

The new Dallara Light 01 means a revolution in the segment of the 2,000-cc single-seater competition cars.

This car will be using an AER engine created specifically for competition (any parts or components of this unit comes from a car make) offering a power of 250 HP at 8.000 r.p.m, and it could be developed to reach 300 HP.

In terms of aerodynamics, Dallara has done an excellent work in the Wind Tunnel. The new car has a downforce of more than 1.000 Kg, thanks to the expert work of Dallara Automobili in the development of ground effect single-seaters.

The Dallara Light 01performance is expected to be settled below the current F3000 cars, and it is said to improve the best timed lap of the old Coloni/Nissan cars in 4 seconds.

The estimated cost per Season and driver is between 250.000 and 300.000 Euro.