Narain Karthikeyan - the fastest at the first contact of the TelefÓNica World Series by Nissan in Brasil.

Montagny and Leinders battle for the second place in Championship standings; Ricardo Zonta proclaimed champion in Valencia one month ago.

The Autódromo de Curitiba holds the first of two Brazilian rounds of the World Series.

Curitiba, 29 November 2002 - Narain Karthikeyan came out on top at the end of the first free practice session at the Autódromo Internacional do Curitiba (Brasil) that holds the 8th round of the Telefónica World Series by Nissan. He finished almost three seconds clear of best lap in qualifying in this track. The Indian driver was the fastest ahead of Ricardo Zonta, Justin Wilson and Franck Montagny. Bas Leinders took the 9th place. Montagny and Leinders are battling for the second place in Championship standings, they are separated for 9 points.

The first free practice session has been the first contact of almost all 20 drivers that will race next Sunday. There is an exception: Ricardo Zonta is the local star (he was born in Curitiba 26 years ago). There are four Brazilian drivers more than the first champion of the Telefónica World Series by Nissan: his teammate Tuka Rocha, Rodrigo Sperafico, Wagner Ibrahim and Jaime Melo. There are also two rookies: Milka Duno and the USA Paul Edwards, who has had a good debut.

Autódromo Internacional de Curitiba
Lenght: 3.717 m
Fast lap in qualifying: 1:13.024 (Nelson Piquet Jr, 2002) <pre> World Series 1st Free Practice Session 1. Narain Karthikeyan (IND) Tata RC Motorsport 1:10.402 2. Ricardo Zonta (BRA) Gabord Competición 1:10.501 / 0.099 3. Justin Wilson (GBR) Racing Engineering 1:10.799 / 0.397 4. Franck Montagny (FRA) Racing Engineering 1:11.190 / 0.788 5. Andre Couto (MAC) Vergani Racing 1:11.349 / 0.947 6. Roberto González (MEX) GD Racing 1:11.700 / 1.298 7. Tuka Rocha (BRA) Gabord Competición 1:11.920 / 1.518 8. Paul Edwards (USA) KTR 1:11.980 / 1.578 9. Bas Leinders (BEL) KTR 1:11.998 / 1.596 10. Ander Vilariño (SPA) Epsilon by Graff 1:12.132 / 1.730 11.Wagner Ibrahim (BRA) GD Racing 1:12.189 / 1.787 12.Polo Villaamil (SPA) Adrián Campos Motors. 1:12.245 / 1.843 13.Antonio García (SPA) Adrián Campos Motors. 1:12.261 / 1.859 14.Ángel Burgueño (SPA) Repsol Meycom 1:12.409 / 2.007 15.Peter Sundberg (SWE) Tata RC Motorsport 1:12.454 / 2.052

Champioship standings World Series (8th of 9) 1. R. Zonta 244 points 2. F. Montagny 167 3. B. Leinders 158 4. J. Wilson 116 5. J.C. Ravier 75 6. A. Couto 50 7. A. García 47 8. A. Vilariño 43 9. T. Rocha 35