Another Draco Driver projected by Adriano Morini towards a successful future

In the 2007 season of World Series by Renault 3.5 Championship Draco Team had a lot of satisfaction with the Spanish driver Alvaro Barba. A fast and fearless driving and a winning spirit led the Spanish to the conquest of several podiums and record time, around the tracks in Europe. The following year Marco Barba, the younger brother, is arrived in Draco, further tying the fate of the Barba family to the talent scout, Team Owner Draco, Adriano Morini. We know the attachment that the Draco Team has to its best drivers and so also Alvaro is remained in the sights of Morini, who saw the ability and the talent to become a champion in another area of the world race, the International GT Open.

The excellent relationship between Adriano Morini and Amato Ferrari, Team Manager of the Advanced Engineering / AF Corse Team of the International GT Open Championship, has made possible a test on track for Barba, who shone for technical competence and speed, so as to be chosen as official driver 2009 to drive the Ferrari 430 GTA category.

Alvaro Barba began his career in the Catalan Kart Championship winning the title in 2001, and then he is passed in the Spanish Championship Formula Junior in 2002. In 2005 he drove in the Spanish F3 Championship and then he went to World Series Renault where, with Morini, he has been planning his imminent new "step" in world racing.

-credit: dr