Another racing weekend is over, and there is another Argentinian champion in Europe. Last Sunday, Juan Cruz Alvarez became in the first champion of the World Series Light, one round before the end of the season.

In the circuit of Albacete, Alvarez earned both races of the day leaving with no chances to his contenders for the crown

The first race of the World Series Light, disputed over 18 laps, was like a ride for the Argentinian. All Alvarez did was overtake the poleman, Julian Vidot (Epsilon by Graff) in the first turn. After this Juan Cruz dedicated the race to build a gap between him and the rest of the field. And he did it: 10 seconds was the difference to second, Celso Miguez, when he crossed the chequered flag.

The Spanish driver completed a very good race by starting from seventh to take in the second step of the podium.

Vidot took third, complicated with the set-up of his machine in dry conditions.

Milos Pavlovic, another usual contender for the honour positions, was the protagonist of a great recovering and scored fifth place, but loosing second place in the overall standings in hands of Vidot.

Alvarez also marked the fastest lap of the competition with 1.21:396.

The second race, also 18 laps, saw Alvarez starting from the pole position and, one more time, Juan Cruz showed all the potential of his car and the podium was the same as the first race. Alvarez was comfortably in the highest with Miguez and Vidot once and again couldn`t beat the 17 years old driver.

The fight for the second place between the Spanish and the French became the most interesting of a race dominated by Alvarez and Reyco Motorsport.

Miguez took advantage of a clear opportunity to pass Vidot when he was complicated with a slow car that had a lap behind.

Alvarez achieved also in this second race the fastest lap seting 1.21:031, even more fast than in the first competition. Clearly no one could with Alvarez.

"Tonight we are going to celebrate. The team has made a great job during the season. Its a little bit early for my future plans¨, the Champion commented. When he was asked for his future explained: ¨We will start talking about it with my manager, Reynaldo Cozzani. The test with Gabord Competition was really good, but we will see^Å", he answered.

Who also had something to say was Reinaldo Cozzani, who became in the owner of the first Argentinian team that achieves a title in the Old Continent: ¨This is result of the serious and foreseeable work we did. Last year I saw many races of the series, studing the category and analysing the way of make a realizable project. We bought a car and put together people very efficient, adding Argentinian engineers to our team and we arrived to the results we can enjoy today.

Of course I needed a driver and in Juan Cruz I found the best¨, concluded Cozzani, head of the Reyco Motorsport.

Alvarez achieved in his first season in Europe something fantastic. Adding his name to Adrian Hang, José María López and Esteban Guerrieri, Argentina put ends to an historical year and the best is about to come for them.