Barcelona, 24 October 2003 The Circuit of Albacete will held the 6th meeting of World Series Light, and the 5th date of the Spanish Formula Junior Championship the next 1st and 2nd of November.

Sergio Hernandez will make his debut within the Italian squad, RC Motorsport. Alongside the Valles and Barba, the Escuela Lois Circuit drivers, and Celso Miguez, from Team Meycom Reyco they will represent the Spanish colours in this challenging FIA Series where 9 different countries are represented: Argentina, Indonesia, France, Italy, Chili, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Israel, and Spain.

The Dallara-AER cars, giving 250 HP of maximum power, are able to reach unbelievable speeds in the corners, thanks to a remarkable aerodynamic shape, signed by one of the biggest masters in this matter: Dallara Automobili Srl.

Juan Alvarez and top team Reyco Meycom will defend leadership in Albacete, from young European talents Milos Pavlovic and Julian Vidot, members of the 2001 wining team Epsilon by Graff.

The teams had been working hard in Albacete early this week, although the rainy conditions ruined most of day on Monday. As for the Formula Junior Teams, only present on Monday, almost none of them used new tyres.

Matteo Pellegrino was the quickest driver in the WSL category.

The stepping category Formula Junior Spanish Championship is currently leaded by Juan Antonio del Pino (GTEC Junior Team). The Spanish driver was again the quickest driver in the private test. Cibiemme, Eca Racing, Tomcat Racing, Racc Motorsport, TCR and Porfesa Competicion were not taking part in this test.

An official presentation of the Event will take place on Friday 31st at the Circuit of Albacete during the practice brake (13h30).

The best registered laps (Data provided by the Teams)

Monday, October 21st

Cold temperatures and heavy rains during the morning session. Track was drying in the afternoon. Still cloudy at the end.