The Italian Giovanni Tedeschi (16), has became the first confirmed driver for the 2004 World Series Light category after Vergani Formula announced the agreement reached by both parties.

Original from Reggio Emilia (Italy), Tedeschi racing career started in go-karts, with some remarkable International appearances, and this year he has participated in the Formula Renault 1600.

Next Monday, November 3, the Circuit of Albacete will be the selected scene for the 2004 rookie test in the World Series Light category. As it happened in Valencia, with the 2004 World Series by Nissan rookie test, non-of the 2003 titled drivers in the World Series Light category is allowed to test.

Giovanni Tedeschi, as well as the other newcomers, will have their first contact with the Dallara single-seater, powered by an AER 250 HP engine.