The streets of Paris reverberated to the sound of motorbikes yesterday when Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra rider Troy Corser led a group of riders from the Eurosport offices to the Eiffel tower. Two policemen on motorbikes cleared the way of traffic and provided an escort for Troy and five other racers on a route taking in the banks of the Seine before the approach to the most famous landmark in Paris. After a photoshoot with Gustave Eiffel's creation in the background there was a press conference on the first floor of the tower, attended by international television and print media.

The event was to promote the final round of this year's World Superbike and Supersport Championship, held in Magny Cours on 8th October. Immediately after the press conference, Troy took the opportunity to go to the very top of the 324 metre tower and get a bird's-eye view of the rooftops of Paris.

This whole event has been fantastic. Driving through the streets of one of the world's best cities on motorbikes with a police escort was amazing. I have been to Paris before, but the queues to go up the Eiffel tower were too long, so Sam and I didn't bother. When I tell her what I've just done, she will so jealous!

-credit: tas