Further Set Up Successes In Spain for FPR

Foggy PETRONAS Racing's Garry McCoy and Steve Martin today made good progress with their preferred set up of the PETRONAS FP1 during the second day of testing at Valencia.

The team was scheduled to tyre test for Pirelli today to evaluate new compounds and constructions. However further important set up work for both riders has delayed tyre testing until tomorrow in order for the team and Pirelli to gain the maximum benefit.

Continuing dry and sunny conditions enabled both riders to capitalise on the initial adjustments made and work trouble free through the day's comprehensive bike set up schedule. Each completed more than fifty laps, with consistent lap times over short runs adding to the day's many positive outcomes.

Garry said, "I had to get checked over by the doctor this morning and he gave me the ok. I feel a bit sore from yesterday's crash and my leather's being quite tight put a bit of strain on my muscles, but I wanted to bear with it. The bike is really beginning to feel good for my riding style so I was able to get in some smooth laps this morning, but the bike developed a small electrical problem which slowed progress up a bit until we resolved it.

"We spent a lot of time working on clutch settings this morning to get it more where I'm used to, so that then enabled us this afternoon to play with suspension settings. Although there's still more to work on, I'm happy with where we've got to with set up in this short space of time."

Team mate Steve Martin made further significant in roads with the set up of this FP1, also feeling more relaxed having had a day's running on the bike and further learning how the team works.

He commented, "We've tried a huge amount of set up changes today, including clutch and suspension, which is something every rider goes through when they get on a new bike. I'm starting to find a pattern of things that suit me though so we now have a good direction for further work tomorrow. We're going to add front suspension to the game plan as well tomorrow and then hopefully I can start to pull together all the individual elements and get the most out of the track time."