27 - 29 Apr 12

Rally Argentina

Day Results

Day 1

Pos:End of day position
No:Car number
Driver:Suffixes show those eligible to score points in the (J)WRC, (S)WRC, (P)WRC or (M)anufacturers' championship
Group Class:Group A cars:
 A5 - up to 1400cc
 A6 - over 1400cc and up to 1600cc (including S1600)
 A7 - over 1600cc and up to 2000cc
 A8 - over 2000cc and four-wheel drive
 Group N cars:
 N1 - up to 1400cc
 N2 - over 1400cc and up to 1600cc
 N3 - over 1600cc and up to 2000cc
 N4 - over 2000cc and four-wheel drive (including S2000)
 Note: Turbocharged engines are categorised according to their increased 'corrected cylinder capacity'. This is why a 1998cc World Rally Car competes in the over 2000cc class.
Stage time:Accumulated time to complete the special stages. Shown as hour:minute:second:tenth
Penalties:Penalty time to be added. Shown as hour:minute:second:tenth
Total time:Stage time plus penalties
Diff Prev:Time difference between the driver and the one immediately ahead in the overall standings
Diff 1st:Time difference between the driver and the rally leader

14P. SOLBERGMA04:54.90.04:
23D. SORDOMA04:58.50.04:58.5+3.6+3.6
310M. ØSTBERGMA04:59.70.04:59.7+1.2+4.8
45O. TÄNAKMA05:00.10.05:00.1+0.4+5.2
56E. NOVIKOVMA05:00.10.05:00.10.0+5.2
68T. NEUVILLEMA05:00.50.05:00.5+0.4+5.6
715S. OGIERA05:02.90.05:02.9+2.4+8.0
81S. LOEBMA05:05.10.05:05.1+2.2+10.2
912A. ARAÚJOA05:06.60.05:06.6+1.5+11.7
1018A. MIKKELSENA05:07.60.05:07.6+1.0+12.7
112M. HIRVONENMA05:08.20.05:08.2+0.6+13.3
1221M. PROKOPA05:13.90.05:13.9+5.7+19.0
137N. AL-ATTIYAHMA05:18.20.05:18.2+4.3+23.3
1433M. LIGATOPA05:18.70.05:18.7+0.5+23.8
1532N. FUCHSPA05:22.30.05:22.3+3.6+27.4
1638B. GUERRAPA05:23.70.05:23.7+1.4+28.8
1714P. NOBREA05:24.20.05:24.2+0.5+29.3
1854A. KREMERA05:27.70.05:27.7+3.5+32.8
1945S. AKSAPA05:28.00.05:28.0+0.3+33.1
2049E. CAMPOSPA05:28.00.05:28.00.0+33.1
2131M. KOSCIUSZKOPA05:28.30.05:28.3+0.3+33.4
2253G. SABAA05:30.20.05:30.2+1.9+35.3
2334L. BERTELLIPA05:33.10.05:33.1+2.9+38.2
2452E. SALAZARA05:35.60.05:35.6+2.5+40.7
2561L. VALVERDEA05:36.00.05:36.0+0.4+41.1
2640G. LINARIPA05:36.40.05:36.4+0.4+41.5
2758G. SUAREZA05:37.90.05:37.9+1.5+43.0
2839V. GORBANPA05:39.40.05:39.4+1.5+44.5
2942R. TRIVINOPA05:40.70.05:40.7+1.3+45.8
3041O. KIKIRESHKOPA05:43.00.05:43.0+2.3+48.1
3163J. SAN MARTINA05:48.90.05:48.9+5.9+54.0
3256M. DE NORAA05:48.90.05:48.90.0+54.0
3366P. PELAEZA05:53.30.05:53.3+4.4+58.4
3460L. ORTEGA ETCHEVERRIAA06:05.20.06:05.2+11.9+1:10.3
3564G. BOTTAZZINIA06:08.30.06:08.3+3.1+1:13.4
3665E. DURANTEA06:44.00.06:44.0+35.7+1:49.1
3769P. SINITOA06:46.60.06:46.6+2.6+1:51.7
3868M. DURANTEA06:58.10.06:58.1+11.5+2:03.2
3967J. PORCAROA06:59.730.07:29.7+31.6+2:34.8
409D. OLIVEIRAMA014:54.90.014:54.9+7:25.2+10:00.0
4159V. GALEANO TOMBOLYA015:27.70.015:27.7+32.8+10:32.8