22 - 24 Jun 12

Rally New Zealand

Split Times

SS1 Te Hutewai 1 (11.18km)

Split times are available on many - but not all - of the stages in the WRC. If they are being recorded we'll show them here. The number of points at which split times are taken and the distance between them depends on the length of the stage. The table below shows the time for each driver as they reach each split point, as well as their total stage time.Clicking on a driver's name will enable you to compare his or her split times to those of the other drivers. Faster times are shown in green, slower ones in red.

1.2M. HIRVONEN56.33:08.55:57.37:41.2
2.4P. SOLBERG+1.8+6.8+12.07:56.4
3.1S. LOEB-0.1+0.5+1.27:41.9
4.5O. TÄNAK+1.1+3.6+5.17:48.7
5.37D. SORDO+2.0+8.6+14.17:58.1
6.6E. NOVIKOV+1.5+4.0+9.37:52.6
7.9M. STOHL+0.8+9.4+17.88:03.9
8.43K. BLOCK+4.0+13.8+29.78:18.4
9.12A. ARAÚJO+2.7+9.5+15.88:00.7
10.7T. NEUVILLE+1.1+4.3+4.77:46.8
11.3J. LATVALA+0.8-0.2-1.87:38.4
12.31H. PADDON+4.8+11.2+17.98:03.8
13.33P. ANDERSSON+5.1+9.5+13.67:57.8
14.35M. OLEKSOWICZ+7.2+22.0+35.38:25.4
15.36Y. AL RAJHI+5:31.4+5:42.1+5:50.013:36.5
16.34A. MCRAE+5.5+15.6+24.28:12.0
17.139V. GORBAN+9.2+46.18:39.7
18.133M. LIGATO+9.68:36.1
19.145S. AKSA+7.7+28.0+48.48:42.7
20.142R. TRIVINO+10.7+32.3+55.48:51.5
21.134L. BERTELLI+9.5+31.9+55.08:52.7
22.141O. KIKIRESHKO+9.1+27.1+45.98:40.0
23.136L. COOK+16.5+1:01.6+1:49.19:54.5
24.140G. LINARI+8.1+27.6+49.98:44.1
25.144R. KARLSSON+9.3+27.8+50.08:44.3
26.51R. MASON+5.9+14.9+24.78:12.1
27.52C. WEST+6.0+16.1+31.78:20.3
28.53E. GILMOUR+8.6+15.0+25.38:12.2
29.54S. COX+8.6+16.0+28.48:17.4
30.56M. JANSEN+7.4+17.7+31.38:21.6
31.57B. GREEN+6.6+39:14.6+43:51.613:12.1
32.58C. CLAVEL+11.6+38.6+1:09.39:08.4
33.59A. DALSTEIN+11.7+44.8+1:14.89:13.6
34.60Y. YASUNAMI+13.4+46.5+1:22.69:22.9
35.61B. HUNT+32.4+54.98:51.0
36.63D. MALLEY+19.1+51.1+1:29.79:34.6
37.64M. KASEYA+17.4+1:08.5+2:08.310:24.1
38.66K. IZUNO+17.4+1:07.3+2:00.310:14.2
39.65N. SATO+25.7+1:15.8+2:11.010:27.1