From the meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council, Paris, 1995-03-30:


In the absence of a substantial entry in the 2-Litre World Rally Championship for Makes and as it has proved impossible to establish an equivalence between 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive, the World Motor Sport Council approved the unanimous joint proposal from the Manufacturers' and Rally Commissions, as follows:

Until 31st of December 2000, the cars currently accepted in 1995 (Groups A and N) may continue to compete in the FIA World Rally Championship.

Details of the technical regulations concerning the transformation of a 2-wheel drive car to 4-wheel drive, and the fitting of a turbocharger, will be presented to the next meeting of the World Motor Sport Council for approval.

The application of the 2-litre 2-wheel drive regulation announced in June 1994 is therefore postponed until at least the 1st of January, 2001.