The 2001 World Champion's fate for 2002 will be settled in London's High Court. Richard Burns had announced prior to the Great Britain Rally that he had signed a contract with Peugeot for the 2002 WRC season. According to the Japanese Subaru team, Burns was still under contract with them.

Subaru filed a claim against Burns in the British courts demanding in US dollars at least 10 million. If they win, Burns will hardly be in a positive to pay that amount. If the suit is not settled, Subaru has other options.

According to a lead source from Subaru, they will take whatever steps necessary to prevent Burns from competing in the WRC next year. They can prevent his driving for another team by placing an injunction against Burns.

Subaru still has Tommi Mäkinen under contract for 2002 and sponsorship is questionable at this time. Subaru will not confirm sponsorship problems with Marlboro.

Burns has already been testing with Peugeot and the team has listed Burns has the third driver alongside Marcus Grönholm and Harri Rovanperä who won the manufacture title for the team this year.

The World Rallye community will have to await the outcome of the British courts as will Burns, Subaru, and Peugeot.