-- A major incident during stage 11 resulted in a possibility of 15 injuries and a red flag. First news from Great Britain state that the incident involved Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya in the Ford Focus.

Sainz went off the course and into the spectator area. At this time, it is unknown what happened to have caused the accident. Saniz and Moya are reported as uninjured; however Ford Motor Company states "they have withdrawn Sainz and Moya from the rally."

All of the medical emergency staff were dispatched immediately and two air ambulances were deployed to the scene.

Stage 11 and Stage 12 have been canceled. All other rally cars returned to the Felindre service area.

At this time, reports have not confirmed the extent of the injuries or if any rallye workers were involved.

Official Rally of Great Britain release

UPDATE -- November 25, 2001:

The organizers of the Rally of Great Britain have issued the following update on the spcetators injured during stage 11 on Saturday:

Nine of the 13 spectators injured when Carlos Sainz's Ford Focus WRC left the road on Saturday's Brechfa 2 stage have been released from hospital - but a 13-year-old girl will undergo surgery on a leg injury later today (Sunday).

Two casualties, a 12-year-old boy with severe bruising and an adult who suffered head injuries, will leave hospital later today. Meanwhile, the 13-year-old girl is to undergo an operation for a lower leg injury and an adult with back injuries will stay in hospital for another night.

Following yesterday's events, a further statement from the event's organisers was issued saying: "The Network Q Rally of Great Britain employs stringent safety procedures, including the use of three spectator control and safety cars who go through each stage in advance of the competition cars.

"Every stage is also inspected by the FIA Safety Delegate, who has the power to recommend the cancellation of a stage if not satisfied with the safety standards. Additional spectator safety scrutiny is conducted by the MSA's own Health and Safety Executive and the Spectator and Event Safety Manuals run to over 200 pages."

Ford subsequently withdrew Sainz and its other remaining car driven by Mark Higgins from the event. SS11, Brechfa 2 and SS12, Trawscoed, were cancelled, but Saturday night's Cardiff superspecial ran as scheduled.

The Motor Sports Association has already launched an investigation into the accident and says that any recommendations made will be implemented for next year's event.