Vollak joins the OMV World Rally Team

20-year old German Sebastian Vollak wins the qualification of the OMV Rally Rookie Contest.

The dice have rolled. Sebastian Vollak will compete next season in the Production World Rally Championship (Group N) with a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI of the OMV World Rally Team. The 20-year old German convinced the jury in all parts of the Final Qualification that he represents the ideal Rookie. Nevertheless, Vollak will face a strenuous work schedule until his first WRC- Start in Sweden from the 6th to the 8th of February.

Sebastian Vollak.
Photo by www.GEPA-pictures.com.
"I am speechless - I just can't believe it's true! I'm sure that this chance is the biggest step of my career so far.The invitation to the Final Qualification itself was already an enormous honour and seemed like a dream. Now it's up to me to work as hard as I can and confirm the trust that was put in me", was the first reaction of the OMV Rookie.

Manfred Stohl, "judge" and team colleague, was equally enthused. The Group N-World Champion of 2000 was especially impressed by how effortlessly Vollak managed the change from a two-wheel driven car to the all-wheel-Mitsubishi. Stohl: "Astonishing. His first effort with this type of car - and he made no mistakes at all.Furthermore, of all the applicants, his time improved the most between the first and the second run. I was surprised by his calm manner of driving and his ability to find the ideal line." OMV team colleague Jani Paasonen adds: "I'm convinced that Sebastian has enormous potential and will improve from run to run in the World Championship."

Yet there is still a lot of work to do, before OMV rookie-driver Sebastian Vollak will be able to prove his talent. Especially his fitness has to improve until February. But the judges found no weaknesses that couldn't be improved on by effort and hard work.

Brigitte M?hlwisch, in charge of Corporate Communication Sponsoring at the OMV and Initiator of the OMV Rally Rookie Contest, was happy and content: "Over 100 applications from 29 nations within only eleven days impressively show the need for such a campaign.And I was highly impressed by the incredible commitment of the ten final entrants. Each one of these would have deserved to win. But the team made the right decision by choosing Sebastian Vollak. Even more so, since in 2004 he will be the only driver from Germany in the Rally World Championship who will compete in a complete series."

Portrait of Sebastian VOLLAK

Nationality: German
Date of Birth: 4th of march 1983