The Rally of Indonesia, the 11th round of the 1997 World Rally Championship is being held from Sept 19-21st. To receive live results and information from the event please subscribe to the following mailing list or refer to


The World Rally Championship (WRC) Mailing List distributes live information and results regarding each round of the World Rally Championship. Subscribers can expect to receive approximately 8 emails per event for each of the 14 rounds. This is a free service to the international rallying community.

This information will include:

Championship standings, Pre-event details, Entrants list, Stage details, Daily results, Rally overview, Driver comments and Other relevant information.

Results will be sent out immediately after the close of each day's rallying.

To subscribe to the list, please send an email to with no subject and in the body of the email include "subscribe wrc". (Please note that I have recently changed to Majordomo, so if you experience any problems, please email me.)

For Example:


From:Cynan Rhodes (




subscribe wrc can subscribe other people to the list by including in the body of the email: subscribe wrc their@email.address You can not however unsubscribe others from the list.