An accident involving Carlos Sainz's Ford Focus on Special Stage 11 of the Network Q Rally GB has left 13 specators injured - four seriously.

Sainz's Ford Focus left the road early in SS11, Brechfa, after cresting a rise in slippery conditions. Sainz was able to continue to the next radio post, before completing the stage. The stage was then cancelled, along with SS12.

Two adult spectators are in a serious condition in a Carmarthen hospital, but with injuries that are not considered life-threatening. Two children also remain in hospital with lower leg injuries.

The organisers of the event have issued an official statement and a helpline number for concerned friends and relatives.

The statement reads: "The rally office issued a report from the Network Q Rally of Great Britain that there was an incident in SS11 (Brechfa 2) involving car number three (Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya). The stage was immediately stopped and cancelled.

"All medical facilities on the stage and two air ambulances were deployed immediately.

"The medical officer in attendance advises that there are 13 casualties, who were taken to West Wales General Hospital, Carmarthen.

"West Wales General Hospital has confirmed that they have admitted two children aged 12 and 14 with lower limb injuries; one adult has head injuries and one adult has back injuries. None of these injuries are considered to be life threatening. Nine casualties had minor injuries and will be discharged later this evening.

"Special Stage 12 (Trawscoed) was cancelled and all cars returned to the service area at Felindre. "Ford Motor Company has withdrawn Sainz and Moya and Mark Higgins and Bryan Thomas from the rally.

"Police Headquarters in Carmarthen have established a Network Q Rally hotline for concerned friends and family of people who may be attending the rally: 01267 232000."

The sport's governing body, the FIA, and Britain's sporting authority, the MSA, are set to review onboard camera footage from Sainz's car as they launch an enquiry into the accident.

SS13, the superspecial at Cardiff Bay, is set to run as scheduled at 19:10 local time.