Winter-rhythm for OMV Kronos Citroen World Rally Team

o Manfred Stohl/Ilka Minor want to score WRC-points in Norway, too

o Daniel Carlsson/Denis Giraudet expect even better performance

o Already EUR 20.220 for OMV Move & Help

The OMV Kronos Citroen World Rally Team is already into preparations for the "Rally Norway", the third run to the FIA World Rally Championship 2007. Following the "Uddeholm Swedish Rally", the service tents were reerected just about 350 kilometres away. As far as conditions go the OMV drivers expect lower temperatures and more snow. And as far as the sportive side goes, last week's results - fifth place for Daniel Carlsson and seventh place for Manfred Stohl - should at least be repeated.

Unknown territory as advantage

Manfred Stohl is confident for the Rally Norway. Since the rally in Sweden had also been completed on snow there should be no adjustment problems. The Austrian OMV driver sees the fact that the rally is new to the calendar as a small advantage for himself. Stohl: "Thanks to my experience I get quickly adjusted to new conditions. On the other hand, most of the Scandinavians surely know this rally very well. They will set the tone here, too. A result like in Sweden would already be a nice success for me." That there will be more snow in Norway also shouldn't be of disadvantage. "You can lean on the snow walls during the turns which allows for more speed and may perhaps excuse one or more small mistakes."

Full attack as success-recipe

Daniel Carlsson already had gotten to know the Rally Norway last year. At the dress rehearsal for this year's WRC-run the Swedish OMV driver was in second place until three stages prior to the finish before slipping off the road. Carlsson: "Naturally, the Sweden Rally was a very good preparation since I was able to get used to the new Citroen Xsara WRC as well as to my co-driver Denis Giraudet. The 350 completed special stage kilometres mean that we are perfectly prepared. I will ride full attack in Norway in order to hopefully achieve an even better result, even though 27 World Rally Cars mean that the starter field will be very competitive."

Further EUR 14.240 for OMV Move & Help possible

Since this year's season of the OMV Kronos Citroen World Rally Teams is under the sign of OMV Move & Help, EUR 20 will be donated to OMV Move & Help for each completed special stage kilometre. Thanks to the crossing of the finish line by Manfred Stohl in Monte Carlo and Sweden, as well as by Daniel Carlsson at his home rally, EUR 20.220 have already been brought in. Should Stohl and Carlsson repeat this feat in Norway, further EUR 14.240 would go to Move & Help, the educational program of OMV for over 35.000 children and youths in cooperation with SOS Children's Village, Caritas and UNICEF.

356 kilometres on 18 special stages

The Rally Norway will commence on Thursday (February 15) in Hamar at 20.00 (local time) with a ceremonial start. 18 special stages with a length of 355,99 kilometres are scheduled from Friday to Sunday (February 16 to 18). The overall distance measures exactly 1.109,57 kilometres. The rally is new to the WRC-calendar and like in Sweden the surface consists to 100% of snow. The finish line will be crossed on Sunday at 15.00 (local time) in Hamar.

OMV in Norway

In March 2006 OMV established an office in Oslo and received two oil- and gas-prospecting licenses in February of 2007. The branch of exploration and production of OMV plans to expand its activities in Norway - an oil- and gas-rich country.

-credit: omv kronos