It was a trouble-free second day at the "Corona Rally Mexico" for the OMV Kronos Citroen World Rally Team. And it was highlighted by the best-time on the super stage where Manfred Stohl beat his immediate opponent, Ford works driver Marcus Grönholm (Fin). The OMV driver plans to keep the pace during the last leg and secure these three WRC-points. For the time difference to 5th place measures 54 seconds while he is 1:08,6 minutes ahead of his next opponent.

Better than last year

Manfred Stohl is quite content with the course of the Rally Mexico, the fourth run to the FIA World Rally Championship, so far. Sixth place was successfully defended and the time difference to the top is within the realms of what ist currently possible. When comparing 2007 to last year the improvement can be measured in figures. In 2006 the OMV driver was 3:49,7 minutes behind Loeb after the second day. This year it is over one minute less. Stohl: "This shows that we made a step forward with the Citroen. I knew that we would lose more time on the second day since the special stages are slower and the works cars accelerate faster out of the turns. But sixth place would be a successful gravel debut 2007." Including the SS best-time on the super stage the OMV Kronos Citroen World Rally Team currently stands at two best-times at this rally.

62,06 kilometres yet to go

Four special stages are scheduled for the final day of the Corona Rally Mexico. The SS-length measures 62,06 kilometres overall with the super stage being the final event. The first car will leave the service park at 7:55 (local time). The finish line will be crossed at approximately 13:00 (local time).

Credit: omv kronos