Antony Warmbold and Gemma Price were not far from the exploit in Australia. Since the beginning of the event, the young German adopted the good rhythm, close to the factory drivers. Then he benefits from the various problems of the other competitors to finish the first leg in 6th position.

The goal of the German driver was then to ensure its position. So Antony and Gemma attacked sufficiently not to be worried by their opponent, while avoiding taking too many useless risks. Thus, Antony produced very convincing times and finished the second leg into 5th position.

But unfortunately the Motorsport always holds its batch of nasty surprises. In the SS20 the turbo of the Ford Focus WRC prepared by M-Sport broke. Antony and Gemma thus lost the occasion to concretize their 5th position, which would have been a beautiful way of finishing this season where Antony Warmbold and Gemma Price were often touched by mechanical problems. The young crew can be satisfied with this season, where they constantly progressed, which is auspicious for the future... to be continued in 2005!

Antony Warmbold: "What a pity! That would have been great to finish the season with this 5th position and more points in the World Rally Championship. The car worked very well, I did not feel any sign of weakness, and suddenly the turbo failed. It is unjust but it is the Motorsport law... the trouble of the ones benefit to the others! This season was positive, I learned much during all the year, in particular by exploring all the whole set-up range of the car in order to find what is the best for my way of driving. Today, I know which is the adequate set-up. The goal for next year is now to concretize all that we learn!"