Due to the absence of chances of having a team with guarantees.

The youngster spanish driver Xevi Pons, 26, has taken the decision of withdraw the 2007 WRC season due to the absence of any proposal to face a full-event season who could let him continue the good progression that he had shown during the last two years. The Catalan driver started his motor sport career in motorcycling, where he became Spanish Enduro Champion and also World Champion as a member of the Spanish Enduro Team. He started his career in rallying at 2002, mid season, and soon after his results put him in the Spanish rally championchip (2003), and afterwards into the WRC (2004, 2005, 2006), with three wins in the PWRC.

His step on to the WRC scenery had as a result a total of 26 rallys, having as his best results the fourth place overall in the 2005 Rally of Cataluña, as well as the more recent top five results in five rallys during the 2006 season (Sardegna, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and Wales GB). In addeed he could get 5 best times in well different surfaces during the season.

Xevi has stated: "In spite of the well shape of the last part of the season, and having some proposals on the table, any of them offered me the minimun guarantees to face a 2007 season trying to fight for the podium places, as it was my goal. Nobody could offer us a good testing program. To accept that kind of agreement was to waste all the work made untill now. It is very sad, but that's life. Anyway, I will continue with my fitness training as usual hoping to find any chance of coming back if any team so desires in the future", and he added: "I want to thank all those who have helped me in the aim of becoming a World Rally driver, and specially to all my family, who have supported me both in the good as well as in the bad moments. Thank you very much to everybody".

-credit: milaevents.com