Michael Guest and David Green retired from the Rally of Portugal after smashing the left hand rear wheel and suspension against a tree on the second stage of the rally.

Guest ran wide on a slippery gravel corner.

Earlier in the 23km stage (on the fourth corner!) he suffered a puncture and had to stop and change the wheel.

"I'm pretty devastated," Guest said on his European debut. "The team did a fantastic job preparing for this rally and it was up to me to come up with the goods, so this is very disappointing."

Guest selected the wrong suspension set-up for the stage after a dramatic change in road conditions in the 48 hours leading up to the event.

"It was a tightening right hander that narrowed with a gutter on the inside and the rear end just stepped wide and hit a tree. It was a bit of inexperience on my part going full soft on the shock absorber settings whch had been no problem during the recce," he said.

"That's rallying, it happens and this was always going to be a learning year, so now I'm just going to look ahead to the next event in Spain and get on with the program," Guest said.