Nobody listens to the frustrations of Pozzo?

A year ago, the Argentinian Gabriel Pozzo won the Group N World Championship of Rally, but now he is in his natal Córdoba far away of drive a World Rally Car and working in a ¨cyber coffee¨

¨I spoke with some teams of the World Rally Championship but there`s nothing. If I want to race I must apport money and that is impossible to get in Argentina. With my sames possibilities there are like 20 drivers¨, said Pozzo.

The problems for Gabriel started with the end of the Córdoba Rally Team in November of 2001, financed by the government of the province.

At the beginning of 2002, Pozzo joined to Skoda Motorsport, thanks to his new manager David Sutton. The Argentinian competed in three races this season in the Group A of the WRC. The first two were with the private team of David Sutton, Catalunya where he couldn`t finish with mechanics problems and Cypus where he arrived twelfth. The third and last race for Pozzo was in the Rally of Argentina with the factory team of Skoda Motorsport. In this competition the argentinian finished tenth after a fantastic work with the difficult Octavia WRC.

After this opprtunity more problems appeared for Pozzo. Sutton broke with Skoda Motorsport and Gabriel left the team.

¨If you leave for one year the WRC, you end paying. You lost everything. Then is really hard to come back, and in my case I don`t now if I will¨, secured the men that gave a World Championship to Argentina after 44 years, when Juan Manuel Fangio won his fifth championship in F1.

However, Pozzo keep training a lot and waiting for a call that gave him a new opportunity in a World Rally Car.

Gabriel Pozzo has twenty-three years and he lives, with 37 millions like him, in a country without opprtunities for his people. Can you believe it? I don`t want to.