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View down the Wellington Straight COTA
1411357566 1411357580
1411357573 Ferrari GTEAm Leads Aston GTEPro
1411357575 Rebellion Racing Lola Swansong
Rebellion #12 in the Loop 1411357577
Ferrari leads the Rebellion thru Copse Ferrari #51 on the Wellington Straight
Rebellion going through Becketts 1411357586
1411357582 1411357584
Porsche #20 in 3rd place through Becketts Toyota #8 Leads through Copse
Toyota #8 in the Wet 1411357568
Aston #95 attacking the kerbs at Becketts Audi e-tron 1
Aston #98 sweeping through Becketts View of the back of the Porsche at Becketts
Aston #99 getting it wrong at Becketts Audi #2 on the Wellington Straight
1411357571 Aston Martin takes some kerb at Copse
COTA - Audi Porsche #75 acting as a tripod...
GTEPro Aston Martin #97 in the loop COTA - Rebellion
Aston Martin #99 exiting the loop Aston #97 exiting the loop
Rebellion #12 in the Wet Toyota #7 in 2nd Place as the gloomy weather comes in
1411357427 Rebellion #12 lapping the GTEAm Field
COTA - Audi Toyota Leads into the Loop
AF Corse's lead Ferrari 1411357564
#99 Craft Bamboo Aston Martin #92 Porsche in the rain