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KCMG Oreca LMP2 1411357601
Rebellion Racing Lola Swansong 1411357589
Photo caption 1411357566
Ferrari GTEAm Leads Aston GTEPro COTA
1411357575 View down the Wellington Straight
1411357580 1411357573
Toyota Leads into the Loop Rebellion going through Becketts
Ferrari leads the Rebellion thru Copse Rebellion #12 in the Loop
1411357577 1411357584
1411357582 Aston Martin #99 exiting the loop
GTEPro Aston Martin #97 in the loop 1411357586
Toyota #8 Leads through Copse Audi #2 on the Wellington Straight
Photo caption Aston Martin takes some kerb at Copse
Toyota #8 in the Wet View of the back of the Porsche at Becketts
Porsche #75 acting as a tripod... SMP Racing #37 Oreca
Aston #95 attacking the kerbs at Becketts 1411357571
Aston #99 getting it wrong at Becketts #2 Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro
1411357568 Aston #98 sweeping through Becketts
Rebellion #12 in the Wet Rebellion #12 lapping the GTEAm Field
Aston #97 exiting the loop Toyota #7 in 2nd Place as the gloomy weather comes in
Porsche #20 in 3rd place through Becketts Photo caption
Photo caption 1411357421
Battle in GTE Pro Photo caption
#99 Craft Bamboo Aston Martin COTA - Rebellion