Dual hybrid system on 2014 Toyota

Toyota has let the cat out of the bag. Now to see what Audi and Porsche are running....

Toyota has lifted the cover of some of the details of its 2014 LMP1 car, including its engine configuration.

The details were released last weekend at the FIA WEC event in Sao Paulo.

The 2014 edition of the Toyota LMP1 will run a naturally-aspirated V8 with hybrid systems at both the front and rear axels.

Next season the FIA regulations allow for any engine configuration teams see fit, however there will be limits on energy used.

Pascal Vasselon, Technical Director
Pascal Vasselon, Technical Director

Photo by: Satoshi Noma

Toyota Racing’s technical director Pascal Vasselon said that experts are still disagreeing on which engine will put out enough power and keep the energy usage to a minimum.

“Our engine people are convinced that a big, naturally aspirated engine will be better than a small turbo,” he told SportsCar365.net. “It’s our belief. We will find out.”

Nothing has been released about the displacement, but its believed that it will be similar to the 3.4-lire V8 that is currently run in the TS030 Hybrid.

The hybrid system is taking a big leap, by being installed on both the front and rear axels, and improvement from the previous system.

Porsche LMP1
Porsche LMP1

Photo by: Porsche

The new regulations will allow teams to recover between 2 and 8 megajoules of energy. The amount of fuel allotted to that car will depend on its energy recovery.

The final decision for the Japanese manufacturer will be made when the cars homologation next year.

“At the moment, we’re full throttle on design. We’re a little bit late. We’re at the moment finalizing the design of the monocoque and starting the production. Our target is to have a roll-out at the beginning of next year,” Vasselon said.

Toyota’s rival Audi has not revealed its engine/hybrid configuration as of yet. Porsche has already begun on track testing of its engine and chassis.

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