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Ellie Cesario checks tire pressures on the #71 Dave Marcis NASCAR Historic 1979 Oldsmobile ADAC 24h-Classic Nurburgring
Historic Formula Racing Paddock Jeff & Ken of Virtuoso Performance
ADAC 24h-Classic Nurburgring Mike Cesario & Bill Alfaro relax after a great weekend
Lola Mark 1 Chassis #16 Big Bore Race Line Up
ADAC 24h-Classic Nurburgring Ellie Cesario preps the old girl for its next track outing
Mini Lineup inside of Turn 3 at Laguna BMW 503 - Best Looking car in the paddock
ADAC 24h-Classic Nurburgring Ferrari GTO
Another pic of Ellie on the cliffs at Pacific Grove 1383026981
Laguna Seca Alfa 1383026966
Historic Indy Roadster lineup 1383026978
1383026975 ADAC 24h-Classic Nurburgring
1383025692 Ellie Cesario on the Cliffs at Pacific Grove
1383026977 AJ Foyt is in the House
1935 Bugatti Type 57 1383026963
ADAC 24h-Classic Nurburgring 1383026993
Vintage Indy Roadster exits Fontana 1383026969
1383026972 1383026986
1383026970 1383026965