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Jim Hall at podium during grand opening
Jim Hall
Chaparral 2F parked next to Museum Chaparral 2F in front of the Museum
Chaparral 2F on the Museum's driveway Chaparral 2F on the Museum's driveway
Permian Basin Corvette Club at the Petroleum Museum Corvette C4
Custom Mercury Hotrod
T-bucket Jim Hall arrives at the Museum in the Chaparral 2F
Chaparral Cars Chaparral Cars office building
Chaparral Gallery's Scott Atkinson in Jim Hall's office Stained glass in Hall's office
Chaparral 2F at Chaparral Cars Chaparral 2F
Chaparral 2F Chaparral 2F in front of Chaparral Cars shop building
Lotus Formula One car Pennzoil CART Reynard
Chaparral mechanic Troy Rogers
Chaparral 2K at Chaparral Gallery entrance Chaparral 2H
Aerodynamics exhibit
Chaparral 2E Chaparral 2J
Chaparral 2 Chaparral 2J
Chaparral 2J Chaparral Gallery
Chaparral 2D Chaparral 2D
Phil Hill with Chaparral 2E
Bust of Jim Hall
Dan Gurney, Phil Hill & Jim Hall at press conference Sandy Hall, Paul Morris & Jane Phares
Brian Redman listening to Vic Elford tell tales GM's Ed Welburn presents an award to Jim Hall
Vic Elford Robert Donner and Vic Elford signing autographs
Jim Hall signing autographs after the Racing Forum
Vic Elford signing autographs Phil Hill
Dan Gurney Brian Redman
Gil de Ferran
Franz Weis
Ronnie Hissom