Breaking News for the Meadow Brook Concours:

Honorary Judge Chuck Jordan - Chuck Jordan, who, in 1986, became GM's fourth Chief of Design, will be an Honorary Judge at this year's Concours. Chuck will be a keynote speaker at our Design Seminar and will appear along with the Joe Bortz Collection of 1950's Concept Cars.

GM's Motorama Car - The 1955 Chevy Biscayne will make its Debut at the Concours. After an extensive restoration process, the Biscayne will be shown, for the first time, in the condition it was displayed over 50 years ago.

Celebrity Owned Cars - This year's Concours will showcase cars owned by celebrities, including the Nash Healy that was used in the 50's TV program SUPERMAN, and cars owned by Gene Autry, Mae West and Clark Gable.

(A/FX) Cars - The greatest collection of Altered Factory Experimental (A/FX) cars from the early days of Drag Racing - The 2010 Meadow Brook Concours will feature drag racing cars driven by legendary drag racers Dick Landy, Ronnie Sox, Bud Faubel, Gas Rhonda, Al Eckstrand, and Dave Strickler.

"The Year of the Woody" - This year, the Meadow Brook Concours will become the first Concours to induct the Town and Country as a "Full Classic". The 2010 Concours will feature, alongside 10 wonderful examples of the Town and Country, a Ford Sportsman, Dodge Westchester Woody, Plymouth Woody, Hudson Woody, and Packard Woody.

Sports and European Cars Galore - A wide variety of exotic sports and European cars will appear at this year's Concours, including the 1959 Ferrari 250 LWB Cal Spyder, 1969 Lamborghini Muira, 1939 Bugatti Type 57SC, 1939 Rolls Royce Phantom 3, 1937 Mercedes 540K, and much more.

Grand "Super Car" Display - Many powerful "super cars" will be displayed, including the Ferrari 599, Alfa 8C, Porsche Carrera GT, Bugatti Veyron, Ford GT, and, for the first time in any major Concours, the new Lingenfelter Firebird T/A Formula.

Racing Motorcycles Featuring The Triumph Bonneville TT Special - "A Family Reunion"

This year, the unique Triumph Bonneville TT Special collection owned by H.C. Morris will be on display on Sunday, July 25th.

This complete vintage motorcycle collection is one of only two known in existence. Manufactured for only five model years, from 1963-1967, Triumph's TT Special is one of the world's most famous production-racing motorcycles.

Hagerty Insurance provides youth with judging opportunity

Hagerty Insurance, the world's leading collector car insurance provider, announced their continued partnership with the Concours d'Elegance of America at Meadow Brook with the inclusion of Hagerty's Youth Judging program.

The program, part of Hagerty's Operation Ignite!, will give young people between the ages of 8 and 16 the opportunity to judge world-class automobiles as well as interact with owners to learn the history, technological importance and uniqueness of each vehicle.

-source: Meadow Brook Concours