With 1 stage remaining, newly crowned British Historic Rally champions Steve Perez & Peter Scott are on track to gain their first Irish victory. They led by 23secs from the Porsche of 5 times winner Dessie Nutt who is once again experiencing gear problems and is driving with no 1st gear. Adrian Kermode/John Coleman in Porsche have taken over Mervyn Johnson's 3rd place.

Leading the Post Historic category is the Escort of John & Christy Farrell, but is reported to have incurred some road penalties. Nick Whale & Kieron Patterson maintain 2nd place with Sean Treacy & Des Moran in their Alpina BMW now in 3rd place.

John Moynihan with Killarney's Paul Nagle continue to have a flawless run in the Classic challenge, Jimmy McCrea is in 2nd place with localman Kevin O'Donoghue & Joe O'Leary in an Escort now consolidating 3rd place.

Competitors are now on the last stage, and will be heading for the finish ramp at Randles Nissan Garage at 17.45.

<pre> Crew Car Total Time After SS 8

Historic 1: Steve Perez/Peter Scott Porsche 911 1.10.29 2: Dessie Nutt/Liz Jordan Porsche 911 1.10.44 3: Mervyn Johnson/Richard Hyland Mini Cooper 1.13.04

Post-Historic 1: John Farrell/Christy Farrell Ford Escort 1.08.45 2: Nick Whale/Kieron Patterson Porsche 911 1.09.07 3: Sean Treacy/Des MoranMini Clubman 1.10.29

Classic: 1: John Moynihan/Paul Nagle Ford Escort 1.04.34 2: Jimmy McCrea/Campbell Roy Porsche 1.05.59 3: Kevin O'Donoghue/Joe O'Leary Escort