It is by road that the famous Coupe Napoleon, Ettore Bugatti's personal car, will make its entrance at the Saint-Cloud Elegance Competition.

The Coupe Napoleon is one of the seven Bugatti Royale chassis built between 1926 and 1933 and incontestably the most exclusive car in the world. Admiring its lines is a pleasure; seeing it in motion is a privilege.

The Coupe Napoleon will arrive in Paris the day before the "Saint-Cloud Concours d'Elegance" opens and will certainly be the crowning glory of the event. The Cite de l'Automobile (National Museum Schlumpf Collection, which owns the Coupe Napoleon, thus joins the ranks of partners of the "Saint-Cloud Concours d'Elegance".

Artcurial, which has backed the "Saint-Cloud Concours d'Elegance" from the outset, will of course welcome the Coupe Napoleon when it graces Paris with its presence.

Pending this event, the team at the prestigious auction house is pleased to announce the first cars registered in the day's auction, scheduled during the "Saint-Cloud Concours d'Elegance": a 1958 Pegaso Z102 Touring, Bugatti Type 40 roadster with compressor, a 1934 two-seater Alfa Romeo A6C 2300 Spider, a 1913 Brasier 15hp limousine, an original saloon in perfect condition, and a first-hand Delage DM with bodywork by Autobineau. For more details on the auction, please contact Francois Melcion at Artcurial -


The tradition of the great automobile concours d'elegance of last century will be revived at the gates of Paris. Held on 28/29 June 2008 by Editions LVA, the first "Saint-Cloud Concours d'Elegance" will be one of the key events this summer.

The prestigious and historic setting of Saint-Cloud Park will host exhibitions, condition competitions and special events. Expert collectors and well-informed motor and elegance enthusiasts will be more than satisfied.

Auctions of automobilia and cars, masterfully orchestrated by Herve Poulain (Artcurial, Briest-Poulain- F.Tajan), will undoubtedly be among the highlights of this weekend.


The Bugatti Royale is a "car designed for kings, but which kings would never buy".

Masterminded by Ettore Bugatti, it was intended to be the car for the world's rich and famous, but it failed to enjoy the expected success. Only seven chassis were completed between 1926 and 1933 (fitted over time with 11 different bodies) and only three were sold new.

The remaining four were used by Ettore Bugatti, whose personal car, the famous Coupe Napoleon, had its bodywork completed by his son Jean. A commercial failure, the Royale nonetheless marked an era and today remains one of the most beautiful and exclusive cars in the world.

-credit: cdwrite