On Aug. 11-14 the IMCA Old Timers held their annual meet at Arlington, Mn. I do not have a complete number on how many cars showed up. Two of the popular sprinters that normally show up were at another meet because of conflicting dates. On the other hand, two new cars appeared.

Lee Cook of San Diego showed up with a Harley powered midget. This car was partly a repro, as the body and frame were from scratch, however most of the working parts were original. Unfortunately, during tuning sessions it burned a valve and did not run in Sunday's exhibition races.

Probably the oldest car seen in several years at the meet was a Model B powered midget from Iowa (sorry, forgot owner's name). He does not know early history or exact year of build (he found it in a junk yard a number of years ago). It appears to be about 1935-36 vintage. It was without an engine and he found and installed first a model A, then the current model B engine. Yes, although this is a pretty big engine, some "outlaw" sanctioning bodies did allow these engines to run in midgets). The car is restored to authentic state, virtually no chrome, friction shocks, etc. It ran well, and participated in midget exhibition races Sunday.

Don in Minneapolis