Greasy, hot conditions at Bathurst today saw teams struggling with grip during qualifying but Jason Bright recovered from a big slide to finish third fastest.

Jason Bright and Andrew Jones
Jason Bright and Andrew Jones

Photo by: Edge Photographics

The Team BOC driver locked up on one of his first flying laps and says the mistake hampered his confidence for the rest of the session.

His fastest time, a 2:08.2184, was 0.2s off Jamie Whincup's provisional pole with everyone's times much slower than in previous years thanks to the hot conditions.

Tomorrow will see one final practice session before the top ten shoot-out at 5pm, in which Bright will be the eighth car out.

Jason Bright: "It was harder work than I thought. I didn't do a good job of it at all. I had a lock up and it cost us for the rest of the session because I was tentative going into The Chase from then on.

"Early on it was obvious that everyone was having a bit of a handful this weekend and it just shows how good the teams are that we've got down to the times we're doing now. At the moment a low 2:08s lap feels just as exciting as a low 2:07s did a couple of years ago I can assure you!

"I'm happy with where our strengths are and what that means for the race. I think we've got as good a chance as any other year if not better. Our race pace should be good enough for the top three but we need to be in a position at the end of the day to do that."

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