To clarify:

* Mark Skaife's appeal was against the Stewards finding of CARELESS DRIVING, with relation to the incident between Skaife and Ingall that put Skaife out of the race. This appeal has no relation to the so called 'race rage' incident.

* Skaife's appeal against the careless driving charge was upheld and therefore the penalty that applied to this finding, a reduction of 30 championship points, is no longer applicable.

* The $10,000 appeal fee, required up front to submit an appeal, is reimbursed in full.

* Skaife did NOT appeal the decision of the Stewards that he brought the sport into disrepute. This finding, and the penalty of 75 championship points, $10,000 fine and a three race suspension, suspended sentence, all still stand.

CAMS Official Press Release:

The V8 Supercar National Court of Appeal reconvened this evening at the CAMS National Office in Melbourne to continue to hear an appeal lodged by Mark Skaife with regard to the incident with Russell Ingall during Race two at Eastern Creek on Sunday 30 November 2003.

The Court upheld the appeal, on the basis that there was insufficient evidence to warrant a finding of careless driving against Mark Skaife.

The penalty of 30 championship points was quashed.

Written reasons from the Court, including recommendations, will be provided by 16 January 2004.

The $10,000 appeal fee will be reimbursed in full.

Mark Skaife was appealing the finding of the Stewards that he was in breach of Rules, careless driving, after an incident involving Russell Ingall.