WPS/WOW Racing has made a steady start to the Just Car Insurance 500 in wet conditions at Sandown International Raceway in Melbourne, Victoria today.

The team has shown strong pace all season in wet weather and today was pleased with the pace of both cars around the 3.1-kilometre circuit in the opening practice session of the weekend.

The early part of today's session was dry, with the threatening clowds soon bringing rain, meaning that time standings at that point would not be bettered for the rest of the session.

Both WPS/WOW Racing cars ran the early part of the session on old tyres evaluating race set-ups and when rain descended the team switched its focus to the wet conditions.

Jason Bargwanna and Grant Denyer were pleased with the wet pace of the #10 WPS Racing Falcon, both drivers finding a suitable set-up for the slippery conditions quickly and putting in impressive times on the slick circuit.

Max Wilson and Michael Caruso also ran well, steering the new #8 WOW Racing Falcon through a solid day at Sandown. Wilson and Caruso quickly adapted to the car in the wet conditions and both are confident in the package they carry into tomorrow, when final practice and qualifying will be held.

Jason Bright topped today's practice session ahead of Russell Ingall and Will Davision.


Max Wilson -- #8 WOW Racing Falcon

"Our car continues to run well and I'm pretty excited about giving the WOW car it's first race this weekend," said Wilson.

"Once it rained the track was quite slippery. We kept a little bit up our sleeve to protect the car for the weekend but we were still able to run well and continue our strong wet weather pace.

"Michael is great to work with and continues to do well. I'm enjoying working with him and I think we can be right up there tomorrow."

Michael Caruso -- #8 WOW Racing Falcon

"It was a fairly wet track out there today, it's only Friday and we have a brand new car, so you've got to be sensible and use your head," said Caruso.

"I got a chance to learn a bit more about the car and the circuit and felt comfortable with the car in the wet.

"I will be able to push a little bit more tomorrow and it would be good if we got some dry running in practice tomorrow morning.

"I'm feeling comfortable in the car and I am really enjoying working with the team so at the moment I think we are going along quite well."

Jason Bargwanna -- #10 WPS Racing Falcon

"We have a very competitive car in the wet and I think in those conditions we are right up there," said Bargwanna.

"We ran old tyres when it was dry in the early stages so we are not concerned with the final timesheet.

"It's all looking good at this early stage in the weekend and the team is working well. I'm looking forward to having a crack at a good qualifying result tomorrow."

Grant Denyer -- #10 WPS Racing Falcon

"Bargs is always a very strong driver in the wet so it was good to drive his car and watch what he did today," said Denyer.

"Everything is running to plan so far. With the wet weather there was no need to do a lot of miles. We just looked after the car and sorted it out for the wet conditions.

"We have a strong car in the wet. The Melbourne weather is hard to read so we will have to see what it throws at us tomorrow."

Craig Gore -- WPS/WOW Racing Team Owner

"The team worked hard at making sure everything went to plan today," said Gore.

"All our drivers got time in the cars today and felt comfortable in the cars.

"We've seen some great performances from Max and Bargs this season in the wet so when it rains it is a challenge that we love to tackle.

"Michael and Grant continue to impress and they are working very well with our crew. The potential is certainly there for tomorrow."

-credit: wps/wow