Ellery & Brabham Pull Back A Top Spot In Diabolical Conditions At Qld 500.

Super Cheap Auto Racing has come out of an incident filled weekend in Queensland in sixth position and the second Ford home, and lead driver Steve Ellery says the luck has finally gone his way.

The race ended early in wet and stormy conditions on lap 156 of 161, just after Ellery and leader Paul Radisich speared off the track at turn one. Luckily for both, the race was declared on that lap meaning the result from the previous lap counts.

Radisich retained the lead from Russell Ingall and Ellery held onto sixth position.

Ellery and co-driver Brabham had previously a completely trouble free run in the 500km race, timing their stops to perfection and moving from 17th to 6th as their rivals fell by the wayside.

"When I was in the sand on that last lap, I thought it was all over - just a handful of laps from the finish. But this time we were being looked after from above and it's all turned in our favour," Ellery said.

"It was amazingly wet out there. After putting on the wets (tyres), I followed Ingall and Radisich for a lap and as soon as they carved a line on the track, it was gone."

"I was waiting for the race to be called and it was really a matter of just hanging on. It was diabolical out there, probably one of the worst races I've driven and in the end we were just so lucky. I can't believe our luck.

"Naturally I would have liked to have finished further up the front, but beggars can't be choosers, it's given us the points we were after."

Brabham proved his worth as the ideal endurance co-driver, starting the race and keeping the Super Cheap Auto Ford in touch with the lead pack. He was pleased with his performance and lap times and is already looking forward to Bathurst.

"I always had a specific job to do, which was to grab a good start, circulate and keep up with the front pack. I did that. You're never completely pleased unless you're leading the pack but our strategy was spot on and that's what gave us the result," Brabham said.

Steve and Geoff Brabham's result pushes Steve up the order in the championship to 12thon 1329 points, just 20 points behind Steven Richards. <pre>

RACE RESULTS 1.Johnson/Radisich Ford 3:17.41.12 156 2.Ingall/Perkins Holden 3:17.42.06 156 3.Kelly/Murphy Holden 3:18.04.41 156 4.Skaife/Bright Holden 3:18.29.25 156 5.Longhurst/Mezera Holden 3:19.02.46 156 6.Ellery/Brabham Ford 3:17.45.37 155 7.Weel/Leahey Ford 3:19.06.88 155 8.Canto/J.Richards Ford 3:18.56.19 154 9.Morris/Neal Holden 3:18.16.13 153 10.Kelly/Romano Holden 3:18.18.71 153