Phillip Island, Practice, Round Six WET WEATHER SPICES UP ISLAND BATTLE

PETER Fitzgerald overcame a drenching shower and his GTP opposition to top the time in practice for round six of the Australian GT Production Car Championship at Phillip Island today.

A heavy rain shower dampened the circuit just prior to the opening practice session, forcing most drivers to return to the pits to replace slicks with wet weather rubber.

The session also was red flagged with Class E driver Damien White sliding off the circuit at MG corner in his Suzuki.

White however, was not the only one to suffer an off-track excursion. John Bourke's Class B Subaru Impreza slid off at Honda corner while still shod with slicks.

Fitzgerald topped the timesheet at 1:58.66 ahead of Cameron McConville (1:59.91), Jim Richards (2:00.66) and John Bowe's Ferrari (2:01.40).

"The track was very slippery but the Porsche is quite good around here," Fitzgerald said.

McConville also was pleased with his performance but is hoping for drier weather while Bowe described his Ferrari1s wet weather handling as "not nice".

Darren Palmer drove well to set fastest Class B time (2:11.14) while Class C Ford driver Chris Sexton headed Ian McAlister.

ANDREJ Pavicevic starred in GTP Lights, setting an amazing 5th fastest outright time in his Suzuki.

The Class E driver stopped the clocks at 2:14.59, ahead of a number of much more powerful cars including Falcons, Pulsars, 626s and Imprezas.

Tim Shaw (pictured right) impressed in the wet to head Class D, returning to the championship in his Nissan Pulsar .

Shaw (2:15.56) headed Mazda 626 driver Murray Carter and Chris Kousparis.

CLASS A Peter Fitzgerald (1st) Porsche 1:58.661 Cam McConville (2nd) Porsche 1:59.919 Jim Richards (3rd) Porsche 2:00.660

CLASS B Darren Palmer (4th) Subaru WRX 2:11.149 John Bourke (15th) Subaru WRX 2:24.325

CLASS C Chris Sexton (7th) Ford Falcon 2:17.417 Ian McAlister (17th) Ford Falcon 2:20.002

CLASS D Tim Shaw (6th) Nissan Pulsar 2:15.567 Murray Carter (8th) Mazda 626 2:17.883

CLASS E Andrej Pavicevic (5th) Suzuki 2:14.598 Ryan McLeod (10th) Suzuki 2:19.165