IRWIN Racing's Marcus Marshall has completed the final round of the 2008 V8 Supercar Championship Series, the NRMA Motoring Plus Services Grand Finale at Sydney's Oran Park, in a positive fashion.

Marshall completed all three races over the weekend, to take 21st overall ahead of some of the big names in V8 Supercar Racing, including retiring V8 legend Mark Skaife.

Marshall was in and around plenty of action throughout the three races, but importantly kept his nose clean and brought the IRWIN Falcon home.

"A challenging weekend, but certainly good to complete all three races," said Marshall.

"When you look at the overall results and see that we finished ahead of Skaife and just one place behind Mark Winterbottom, it shows that it was a tough weekend.

"As this was my final race with IRWIN Industrial Tools and Britek Motorsport, it was important to finish off on the right note.

"It has been a tough season, but the boys really stuck it out to the end this weekend."

IRWIN Racing Engineer Marcus Clarke was pleased to complete all three races.

"We had three contrasting races this weekend, but we got through to the finish in each of them," said Clarke.

"It would have been nice to finish a little further up the order as we were better than the final overall result.

"Everyone involved on the team did a great job again this weekend. Although we will not be together next year, I'm sure most will be in or around the V8 Series."