Australian Open Golf Winner Stuart Appleby had the thrill of his life at Sandown Raceway today hopping in with Super Cheap Auto V8 Supercar driver Steve Ellery for a hot lap around the 3.1km track.

Appleby, who admits being the ultimate rev-head couldn't turn down the trip to Sandown Raceway for what he says "is better than the kind of thrill you get in golf."

"To be overseas and then come back and revert to being a good Aussie bloke and come to the V8s is great. I love these things and I love grunt and being in one is awesome.

"You get a good feel for what sort of physical demands these guys have on them every race. They really are amazing athletes. It's hard work out there, I was just a passenger and I was still getting thrown around.

"I had complete confidence in Steve's ability. These guys are professionals and do this for a living so there was never a minute where I was worried, but it was still a great thrill.

Appleby admits to loving the thrill of speed but has no aspirations to race a V8 Supercar himself.

"Steve (driver Steve Ellery) loves golf but he's not going to go out and try and win the Australian Open. While I'd love to drive a V8 Supercar, I think I should leave that to the professionals," Appleby said.

Appleby practiced his swing on the grid, warming up for his demanding V8 Supercar ride in usual style, with a swing of the golf clubs. He was thrilled with the experience and decided to hang around the pits and cheer driver Steve Ellery on.