Wills Takes The Cat Falcon Into The Top 15 Shoot-Out

CAT RACING'S Simon Wills proved consistent today. During practice and qualifying for the Clipsal 500 on this weekend in Adelaide.

Simon started the day strongly to complete the first practice round in tenth position. "The car felt great and I enjoy this circuit," he said.

The second practice round saw Simon improve yet again by finishing in ninth place.

"The new short circuit layout has produced a very fast right hand curve at turn eight, which really keeps you on your toes, Particularly when you're reaching speeds of 220KPH. The thought goes through your head, I just hope nothing breaks, as you push the car to the absolute limit down that section of the circuit, " he said.

Qualifying session today saw Simon again bring the CAT Falcon home into ninth position. "Its nice to think we can be so consistent with the car. I'm intent on improving on this position come race day."

I feel more confident with the car each time I go out onto the circuit. You know you get a real feel for its capabilities and the team have really got it singing now, as they did at Bathurst last year.

I feel we have an exceptional package for the season and it is up to me to prove the combination of my driving skills coupled with a well prepared racecar will give me the desired results," he said.

"I was pleased for all concerned by getting into the top 15 shoot-out today and finishing tenth. Had I not got the car a little untidy in turn two I know I could have ended higher on the Leader Board, but you can't afford to be complacent with so many good drivers in the field."

"I'm now looking forward to tomorrow's race of 78 laps and must improve even further on today's performance.