Team BETTA ELECTRICAL'S Max Wilson driving car 65 rocketed into the top 15 shootout today, leaving all 45,000 spectators speechless at his amazing time.

What makes his performance extra special is the fact that this is only the second time Max has driven the car under race conditions.

The Australian Grand Prix even was disappointing for Max as the car had niggling electrical and fuel problems that prevented him from showing his full potential. Today however everything came together and the result was amazing, qualifying in fifth position.

"The car felt so much better today and I think I'm getting used to it a lot more, "he said.

"You know most of my career has been in open wheeler racecars and this type of racing is very different to me, particularly right hand driving and changing gears with your left hand, but I think I will get used to it in time." "It is a very good and fast class of racing."

Max returned to pitlane after the shootout to a standing ovation from this huge crowd, something rarely seen en masse

"I think everyone has adopted me said Max, That's what I like about Australia, everybody is so friendly and they all love their motor racing. I hope I can continue to add to their enjoyment."

Tony Longhurst finished just outside the top 15 but considers he can improve a lot on his position come race day.

"I feel the car has come a long way in fine tuning even since the AGP meeting in Melbourne," he said. " We must remember they are brand new cars and it takes a little while to get them set up just right. "

"I feel very positive about the entire team for this year and believe we will all make a big difference to the series this year."


RACE Name Place Time
Practice 1: Max Wilson 15 1:25.123
Practice 2: Max Wilson 28 1:24.592
Qualifying 1: Max Wilson 5 1:22.899
Top 15 Shootout Max Wilson 5 1:23.341
Practice 1: Tony Longhurst 8 1:24.729
Practice 2: Tony Longhurst 5 1:23.661
Qualifying 1: Tony Longhurst 17 1:23.295