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Button Surprise Winner Of Chaotic Race In Montreal
Torqued commented an article

What a race. F1 needed just this to stir things up. Great fun to watch.

13/06/2011 03:05

KwickAsLight 13/06/2011 03:12
This is by far one of the most interesting season debut. We have everything. I cannot wait for Valencia.
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SurdinP 13/06/2011 11:42
that was a great overtake!
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Corvette Doubles Up In GTE At Le Mans
Torqued commented an article

Nice job Corvette. Everyone in the U.S. should recieve a huge discount on a new Corvette. I mean they owe it to us. That being said these guys wanna win and the effort pays off. Corvette is the only GM car I would buy.

13/06/2011 03:04

stix 12/06/2011 04:18
Great performance! I wonder how much of this money thrown on this team is still our tax money from the GM bailout? I guess this is a win for the US government. At least our money is creatively spent :-)
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Chaparral_2C 12/06/2011 05:20
Less taxpayer money than Obama used to Kill Saturn and Pontiac! Less taxpayer money than is being used for our Navy to escort Japanese and German container ships full of Toyota's and Porsche's to OUR shores! I'll gladly spend my tax money on GM, Ford and Chrysler, tell them to send yours to Japan and Germany (or why don't you take it there with you!)
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Stingray 13/06/2011 03:16
What a couple of tossers "stix" and "chaparral_2c" who commented below are. Get a life! Milner, Your outstanding drive did not go unnoticed! I sat up until 1am New Zealand time to see you take the win. Congrats to you and your team (and the Larbre team) for bringing Corvettes home 1st in both GTE categories. WELL DONE!!!!!
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