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gary , mark and me.the winning pit stop

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raylm6 22/02/2012 06:30
gary , mark and me.the winning pit stop
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Series hands harsh penalty to Kyle Busch in Texas
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so true scott.he needs to go back to ARCA or GOCARTS.

05/11/2011 05:53

MountainMan 05/11/2011 05:53
It disappoints me, too. Not that Joe Gibbs has a worthless character for a driver, but that NASCAR doesn't step up to the plate and do what's right. Park him for the remainder of this year AND for next year. Do the right thing. The Busch brothers are both a couple of cry babies. Jimmy Spencer gave Kyle's brother what he deserved and Ron Hornaday should maybe consider the same for Kyle. I worked pit for a circle track car in the 60's. Man, where those days exciting. In a different way, of course. When there was a disagreement about the race - it was always settled in the pits. Mano a Mano. Yes sir, those were the days. MountainMan
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scotedwards 05/11/2011 03:05
It disappoints me that Joe Gibbs continues to employee someone with the lack of control and apparent lack of character Kyle Busch demonstrates. As a Christian Gibbs should have higher standards for emloyees. What happened to Hornaday was as dangerous and intentional as if someone fired a gun at him in attempt to kill him. People can die at those speeds. I will lose a lot of respect for Joe Gibbs if he doesn't fire Busch. As a fellow Christian I expect Mr. Gibbs to end his relationship with someone who has no respect for others and is dangerous. Kyle is totally self absorbed.It would be different if Kyle had made a couple of innocent mistakes and was repentant but Kyle is proud of his long history of antics and oh so arrogant. Come on Mr. Gibbs please put character ahead of money.
Scott Edwards
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