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I listed NASCAR as my favorite series but also love IndyCar (I have attended 35 Indy 500's) and have lately become addicted to the NHRA.

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23/12/2011 02:30


Good for A.J. I think he'll do just fine with Roger. He's gotten better every year in so-so equipment. Now he can really show us what he's got. Congrats to him.

22/12/2011 07:01


I think it's a big mistake having only 4 oval races. I know that I won't be watching as many races becasue I can't stand watching follow the leader racing on the street courses. I wish they could make places work like Milwaukee and Phoenix. I understand the concern of the mile-and-half ovals, but that is where all the exciting races are. I truly believe Las Vegas was an tragic anomoly but tracks like Kentucky, Kansas and Chicago had unbelievable racing. I'm going to miss it.

22/12/2011 06:57


It's not hard to figure out why Larry Dixon got the boot, now is there? I hope the NHRA doesn't end up like IndyCar with foreign money buying rides.

19/12/2011 08:14

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18/12/2011 02:30

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14/12/2011 02:30


WOW! Who saw this one coming? Back-to-back championship drivers leaving the team a few weeks apart? Obviously, there is something going on internally that we don't know about. Both sides are saying the politically correct things, but.........

13/12/2011 04:28

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