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14/10/2011 12:09


What right does the indian govt have to tax the income of foreign nationals? A backwards, endemically corrupt country, that does not deserver the honour of hosting the sport. But Bernie has another wedding to pay for, so I suppose he needs the cash...

29/09/2011 05:20

bigoil 30/09/2011 02:23
A backwards country? LOL. The Tax thing is dumb, but no less than the ridiculously high taxes of the EU. Without the amount of money that can be made there, F1 wouldn't be going there. Must be very upsetting for Whitey's that others are coming up now.
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David followed ElRey

13/07/2011 05:34


hey hey hey
hey hey hey
nah nah nah...

12/07/2011 09:31


I have a goldfish that could do better than Nick....

10/07/2011 02:43

F1 Diffuser Clampdown To Cost Red Bull Five Tenths
ElRey commented an article

Great photo, they look like Travolta & Jackson in pulp fiction...

30/06/2011 12:45


They should sign Kobayashi.

22/06/2011 11:42

nzfriends 22/06/2011 01:42
I agree - A race with Kobayashi in it is never dull!!!
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Kamui Kobayashi would be the ultimate replacement for Felipe Massa at Ferrari. He would learn discipline driving for the Scuderia, and probably bring a world title to Japan.

22/06/2011 11:35


Sir Richard needs a tax deduction methinks...

12/06/2011 05:44


Don't do it Chris!!! Aussie V8's still have pushrods!!! you would need a lobotomy to dumb yourself down to that level!!1

08/06/2011 07:36

Bahrain GP still in doubt after rescheduling decision
ElRey commented an article

I don't agree with going to Bahrain at the cost of India, Bahrain missed their chance at the start of the year, should be game over for them for the year.
And Max should keep his mouth shut. Who cares what he thinks? He was Bernie's b*tch when he was in charge of the FIA, now he suddenly has a deep concern for the integrity fo F1? Oh Phaleeeze! He is just trying to make himself relevant.

08/06/2011 07:34

PhilSmith 06/06/2011 05:19
Max Mosely needs to get his facts right. He has probably never visited Bahrain since February. His so-called 'unarmed protesters' somehow managed to stab two traffic cops to death while all their unarmed mates effectively blocked the highway into Manama, waving swords and knives and terrorizing people trying to drive to work. In office blocks. Like the folks in the twin towers that awful morning. That would be like blocking the M4 into London on a Monday morning wearing balaclavas and killing policemen. When the security forces reacted, two more policemen were killed. One poor unfortunate cop was repeatedly run over by a SUV. It's OK to brutalize an injured policeman by driving over him three times in a Ford Expedition? It's all on google. And yet that idiot Webber spouts on about conscience whilst still prepared to drive in China. Well there's a country that's squeaky clean on the human rights front. Hold yourself up to the light, Webber, you are a hypocrite.
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Rivals Dismiss Hamilton Comments In Monaco
ElRey commented an article

So Lewis, how much are those tickets you've got on yourself eh?
The arrogance of Hamilton makes me sick, this little outburst just sounds like Eddie Irvine, with his constant claims of "I'm the 2nd best driver in the world", just because he was Schuey's teammate.
I hope Vettel pulverizes him again this year.

28/05/2011 06:29

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28/05/2011 06:11

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28/05/2011 06:11