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Lotus Sport USA To Contest American Le Mans Series In 2012
ctswiss commented an article

Sweet! Another ALMS manufacturer...that GT class is going to be INSANE next year.

18/07/2011 06:55

dbkfrog 16/07/2011 02:34
Any addition to the ALMS in any class is a good thing!
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nzfriends 16/07/2011 03:13
I agree, the bigger the grid the better I like it
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Finally found this after the fact. Brilliant race, I'm glad ALMS teams did so well! Real testament to how the ALMS guys can take it to the Euro teams, particularly in GTE-Pro and -Am.
Also, special congrats to the Robertsons, they totally deserved it.

23/06/2011 06:54

Thierry 13/06/2011 01:58
Amazing engineering!!!!! He walked away from that crash, kudos to the design team!!
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nzfriends 16/06/2011 07:06
crazy crrash cant believe no one was hurt
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ACO, FIA Join Forces to Create Endurance World Championship
ctswiss commented an article

Should be interesting to see how this works. I'd love for an international sportscar series to grow as large as possible; I'd want to see it every other week, like F1. :) Lofty dreams, but still.
I think it'll also be interesting to see how the WEC affects ALMS. I'm pretty sure the affect's going to be primarily positive; the WEC, if successful, will generate more international interest in the sport, thereby garnering more interest in the North American side of things (including sponsors, partners, fans, etc.). I think the WEC could be good for us Americans after all.
Also, friggin' stoked for Lime Rock. Just saying.

23/06/2011 06:46

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23/06/2011 06:41

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23/06/2011 06:41