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NBC Sports confirms the rights to broadcast Formula One in the USA
BigMike77 commented an article

Only 4 of 20 races will be broadcast next year?! WTF kind of deal is that? How is that a better deal for the American F1 fans?

15/10/2012 01:49

sberwick 23/10/2012 04:34
Well I think it is great that we will get to see all three practice sessions and I just bet they hire Hobbs and Matchett. I guess I am not so worried about 4 over the air races since I get NBCSports already.
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rx555 16/10/2012 11:55
4 on NBC, the rest on NBC Sports (used to be Versus)
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BigMike77 commented a photo

"Lacking a proper wind tunnel for testing the new parts that HRT brought to Singapore, the team eventually realized that they had installed the new parts upside down."

26/09/2012 04:19

Vergne 'fine' after pain of Monza flier
BigMike77 commented an article

It looks like the LR suspension broke under the extreme braking forces incurred at the chincane. As he's starting to spin you can see that the LR wheel assembly is deflected outward by several degrees.

10/09/2012 01:11

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24/07/2012 02:30


The rules are very clear and every driver is required to know them and adhere to them. The driver is allowed to place two wheels over the line, not four. The resulting penalty, had there been time enough during the race to fully review and assess the incident, would have been a drive through, but lacking the time they instead chose to assessed the penalty as an equivalent loss of time after the race, which is well within the rights of the FIA to do so.
If Vettle, or anyone for that matter, had cut a chicane in order to complete a pass it would have been exactly the same. The stewards would have reviewed the incident, given him an opportunity to correct the situation by giving the position back, or if he was too far ahead to pragmatically do so at the time he would have been issued a drive though penalty during the race.
If Vettle couldn't get the pass completed and stay within the boundaries of the racing surface he should have backed out and tucked back in behind Button and tried to pass him again either later during the lap or the next. As one of the world's 24 best drivers he should have known better and drove accordingly.

23/07/2012 11:14

vreynaud 23/07/2012 12:46
He should have relinquished the position, but not 20 second penalty. So dropped to 3rd
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23/07/2012 11:11