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The Big picture 2012-04-11
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11/04/2012 11:46

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The Big picture 2011-10-19
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19/10/2011 08:14

Dan Wheldon dies from crash at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
WorldRally17 rated article

19/10/2011 02:16

Cinziobelle 17/10/2011 07:59
Honestly I can’t believe that this mayhem wasn’t expected by the “unrated” circus-clowns in this league of gentleman. Maybe it is time for the AMA to step in and honestly take a look at the concerns for these drivers and their young families. This was nothing more than a grotesque gambol on life and death from the beginning…not “American auto-racing." IMO. The young children of your “sport and gambol” should never have been exposed to this expected mayhem and they will be reliving this war-zone for many years to come. Watching the fiery crash the day before in practice was a warning – was it not? Congratulations Dario….Please give your mates and benefactors and IMS admins a copy of “Winning is not Enough” by Sir Jackie.
RIP Danny Boy… . The stars will light the sky for you always and forever… God be praised always.
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GoDummies 17/10/2011 05:01
I'd like to tell Go-Daddy where to go. The Do-Daddy Challenge was a dumb idea, and now everyone knows why. The Challenge put the fastest driver in a pole position car in the last row of the starting grid, then gave the driver 200 laps to get to the front to win an insanely large prize. Way to Go - INDYCARS for Go-Dummies.
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Abe 17/10/2011 01:25
Dan Wheldon
We have lost one of the Greatest
Who won, “The Indy” this year
And all of us Racing fans
Will be sad, and shed a tear.
Five final laps at Vegas
To Honor that Life lost
In the Sport that he loved
Sometimes, your life, the cost!
Nineteen cars that survived
Will make that Tribute drive
Five laps for that Race Car Driver
Who gave so much, while alive.
Although fierce competitors
And all, racing for the Win
But, they all are of one breed
That, won’t be the same again.
Left behind, his Wife and Boys
His Parents, and his Siblings
And fans from around the World
To feel pain, Racing, sometimes brings.
Many others, have been lost
And, sometimes we all forget
All of those dangers of Racing
And that Fate, that can be met.
He died doing what he Loved
With Friends and Family by his side
And, to be sure, up in Heaven
He will get, another Ride.
R. I. P. Dan
Del “Abe” Jones
The Racers
They come from everywhere
The rookie and the star –
Some do it for the sport
For some, life is the car.
Some do it for the need
It's able to fulfill
For some, to prove themselves
And some, just for the thrill.
For most, once in their blood
It's usually there to stay
They'll spend every minute
Preparing for, race day.
The competition's tough
Many won't qualify
When some don't make the field
There’s a tear in their eye.
When those who do make it
Are buckled in their seat
Their hands upon the wheel
Pedals, beneath their feet.
The adrenaline flowing
With, their heart beating fast
Sit, thinking to themselves,
Well, here we go, at last.
Finally the moment comes
When those. words are spoken,
"Drivers, start your engines.”
The silence is broken.
Man and machine are one
And ‘neath the roaring sound
Each driver prays, it is he
Who will be victory bound.
But, when it's all over -
When all is said and done -
When the checkered flag comes out
It will tell who’s number one.
But, there are no losers -
They're all winners, it seems
Because they had the will
To race after, their dreams.
Del “Abe” Jones
A Poet
A poet knows not day or night
And not always wrong from right
But without the poet’s written word
Think of all we mightn’t heard.
Del "Abe" Jones
“Mankind's greatest accomplishment
is not the revolution of technology,
it is the evolution of creativity.”
© 1984 Del “Abe” Jones

More poetry here and here
You can read my latest book, "Of Native American" here
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dbkfrog 16/10/2011 11:03
Indeed it is a sad day in motorsports. R.I.P. Dan Weldon.
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The Big picture 2011-09-28
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29/09/2011 02:17

The Big picture 2011-09-21
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23/09/2011 02:06

The Big picture 2011-08-10
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10/08/2011 11:34

The Big Picture 2011-08-03
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04/08/2011 12:49

dbkfrog 06/08/2011 04:21
That Chevy Cruze is a pretty cool looking car. Wonder why they don't race 'em here in the states...
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The Big Picture 2011-07-27
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28/07/2011 02:14

The Big Picture 2011-07-20
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24/07/2011 12:57

Dkozko 22/07/2011 07:44
I love this "big picture" publication... keep them coming please
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The Big Picture 2011-06-29
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30/06/2011 08:19

Dkozko 29/06/2011 08:03
wow! Amazing pictures!
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Maserati Trofeo - Round 3 - Budapest
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16/06/2011 03:22

The Big Picture 2011-06-15
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15/06/2011 05:26

WorldRally17 rated photo

11/06/2011 01:36

The Big Picture 2011-06-01
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02/06/2011 01:49

sweetgridgirl 01/06/2011 11:08
Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!
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The Big Picture 2011-05-18
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18/05/2011 08:46

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11/05/2011 11:32